Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters



This VERY unique jewelry box is made of Walnut and highly figured, Carpathian Elm Burl.\rIt features five,pull-out glass shelves for clearity, creating six spaces for brooches, pins, rings, ect.\rThe lid opens to reveal additional space for smaller items and the doors have eight hooks each for up to 16 necklaces.\r The door pulls are hand shaped walnut. It is finished with water based laquer.\rThese can be made any size with any wood spieces.\r\r\r\rAbout Tim O'Brien\r\rTrained by an Austrian master (relocated to the US) under the "European Model" which produces the finest craftsman on the continent., Mr. O'Brien's work can be found in private collections and the finest homes in Vail, Colorado and throughout the US.\r\rMr. O'Brien is the owner and Senior Master Craftsman at Shamrock Fine Woodworking. 970 328 7253. He has OVER 30 years creating high-end custom woodworking of all kinds focusing primarily on Furniture but not to exclude Cabinets, Doors, Mantles, Specialty displays, Carving, and an occaisonal Totem Pole. Specializing in antiques of the future. Doing business, including an apprenticeship, in the Vail, CO. area since 1981. \r\rFrom the Artist:\r\rI create pieces with an extreme focus on perfection .... quality materials, complete attention to detail and asthetic beauty. It has been my experience that if you are going to create something never before seen, and make a living at it, it becomes important to strive for some level of perfection the first time. \r\

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