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foiled paste, Georgian French Silver Paste Ring



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Beautiful black dotlarge black dot black dotGeorgian black dotsilver, black dotblack black dotdot, black dotfoiled black dotpaste black dotring. black dotLate black dot18th, black dotearly black dot19th black dotcentury. black dotIt black dotis black dotin black dotgood black dotantique black dotcondition, black dotplease black dotnote black dotthat black dotthe black dotpaste black dothave black dotno black dotchip black dotbut black dotare black dotslightly black dotworn, black dotit black dotis black dotnormal black dotworn black dotfor black dota black dotring black dotover black dot200 black dotyears black dotold. black dotIt black dotis black dotsilver black dot800 black dottested black dotand black dotthe black dothoop black dothas black dota black dotmark black dotunreadable. black dotsize black dotis black dotapprox. black dot8French black dotsize black dotis black dotapprox. black dot57Total black dotweight: black dot3,9 black dotgrams.Diameter black dot17.9 black dotmm.A black dotvery black dotinteresting black dotand black dotcharming black dotpiece black dotfor black dotGeorgian black dotjewelry black dotlovers.Shipping black dotinsured black dotis black dotfree black dotworld black dotwide.Please black dotnote black dotthat black dotsome black dotStates black dotof black dotUSA black dothave black dotapproximately black dot10 black dot% black dotof black dotgovernmental black dottaxes, black dotand black dotAustralia black dottoo.They black dotare black dotnot black dotincluded black dotin black dotmy black dotprice, black dotEtsy black dotcollects black dotthem black dotfor black dotthe black dotgovernment, black dotso black dotyou black dothave black dotto black dotthink black dotabout black dotit black dotbefore black dotbuying. black dotFeel black dotfree black dotto black dotask black dotme black dotfor black dotany black dotquestions black dotyou black dotmay black dothave.I black dottry black dotto black dotmake black dotthe black dotbest black dotprice black dotso black dotthat black dotyou black dotare black dotnot black dotaffected black dotby black dotthis black dottax.

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