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antique earrings, Antique Victorian Austro Hungarian Silver & Gold Earrings Garnet And Pearls



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Superbe silver earringsVictorian, silver earringsmiddle silver earrings19th silver earringscentury, silver earringsAustro silver earringsHungarian, silver earringsopenwork silver earringssilver silver earringsand silver earringsblack silver earringsenamel silver earringsearrings silver earringsset silver earringswith silver earringsflat silver earringscut silver earringsgarnets, silver earringsand silver earringspearls. silver earringsThe silver earringshook silver earringsis silver earrings18k silver earringsgold, silver earringsit silver earringshas silver earringsbeen silver earringschanged silver earringsby silver earringsmy silver earringsjeweller. silver earringsThey silver earringsare silver earringsin silver earringsexcellent silver earringsantique silver earringscondition, silver earringsplease silver earringsnot silver earringsthere silver earringsis silver earringssmall silver earringsloss silver earringsof silver earringsblack silver earringsenamel, silver earringsnot silver earringsnoticeable.Diameter: silver earrings17,15 silver earringsmm silver earrings(0,675 silver earringsin) silver earringsTotal silver earringsweight: silver earrings7,17 silver earringsgrams.No silver earringsmark, silver earringstested silver earringsas silver earringssilver silver earringsand silver earrings18k silver earringsgold.The silver earringsbox silver earringsdoes silver earringsnot silver earringscome silver earringswith silver earringsthe silver earringsearrings, silver earringsit silver earringsis silver earringsonly silver earringsfor silver earringsthe silver earringspresentation.

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