Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Children's jewelrychildren's jewellery, silver ring and brooch for girlschildren's jewellery, vintage from the 30s – 40schildren's jewellery, retro shabby chicchildren's jewellery, 830s silver.



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Petite, red rhinestonefloral red rhinestonegirl red rhinestonering red rhinestonein red rhinestone830 red rhinestonesilver red rhinestone(hallmarked) red rhinestonewith red rhinestonecolorful red rhinestoneglass red rhinestoneblock.In red rhinestoneaddition, red rhinestonea red rhinestonesmall red rhinestone"Horseshoe red rhinestone- red rhinestoneLucky red rhinestone- red rhinestoneBrooch" red rhinestonemade red rhinestoneof red rhinestonebrass red rhinestonewith red rhinestonered red rhinestonerhinestones.A red rhinestoneglitteringly red rhinestonebeautiful red rhinestoneduo. red rhinestoneThe red rhinestonejewellery red rhinestonebag red rhinestonewith red rhinestonehand-embroidered red rhinestonerose red rhinestoneis red rhinestonealso red rhinestoneto red rhinestonebe red rhinestoneused red rhinestoneas red rhinestonea red rhinestonelavender red rhinestonebag. red rhinestoneAlso red rhinestonethe red rhinestonebeautiful red rhinestonehandkerchief red rhinestonewith red rhinestonecrochet red rhinestonetip red rhinestoneis red rhinestonepart red rhinestoneof red rhinestoneit!The red rhinestonejewelry red rhinestonedates red rhinestonefrom red rhinestonethe red rhinestone30s red rhinestoneto red rhinestone40s red rhinestoneand red rhinestonemakes red rhinestonelittle red rhinestonegirls' red rhinestonehearts red rhinestonebeat red rhinestonefaster.The red rhinestonering red rhinestonesize red rhinestoneis red rhinestonestamped red rhinestone"54".Condition: red rhinestone   Very red rhinestonewell red rhinestonepreserved. red rhinestoneSilver red rhinestoneand red rhinestonebrass red rhinestoneare red rhinestoneuncleaned red rhinestoneby red rhinestoneme.The red rhinestonecolors red rhinestonecan red rhinestonevary red rhinestoneslightly, red rhinestoneeach red rhinestonemonitor red rhinestonereproduces red rhinestonethem red rhinestonea red rhinestonelittle red rhinestonedifferently.Materials red rhinestoneused: red rhinestone   Silver, red rhinestonebrass, red rhinestoneglass, red rhinestonerhinestones.Size/Dimensions/Weight: red rhinestone   Ring: red rhinestone   ' red rhinestoneapprox. red rhinestone17 red rhinestonemm; red rhinestoneSize: red rhinestone54;\t\t\t      Brosche: red rhinestone   ca. red rhinestone1.5 red rhinestonex red rhinestone2 red rhinestonecm.*******Delivery red rhinestonetime red rhinestonewithin red rhinestoneGermany: red rhinestone2 red rhinestone- red rhinestone4 red rhinestoneworking red rhinestonedays red rhinestonefrom red rhinestonereceipt red rhinestoneof red rhinestonepayment!Shipping red rhinestoneonly red rhinestonewithin red rhinestoneGermany red rhinestoneand red rhinestonewithin red rhinestonethe red rhinestoneEU red rhinestoneCustoms red rhinestoneUnion!*******

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