Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

mothers day, Mother's Necklace Personalized with Initial and Heart



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This hand stampedsimple hand stampednecklace hand stampedincludes hand stampedan hand stampedinitial hand stampedaccented hand stampedwith hand stampeda hand stampedheart hand stampedstamped hand stampedonto hand stampeda hand stamped1/2" hand stampedstainless hand stampedsteel hand stampedcircle. hand stampedThe hand stampedcharm(s) hand stampedwill hand stampedhang hand stampedon hand stampedan hand stamped18" hand stampedstainless hand stampedsteel hand stampedchain.CLICK hand stampedSHIPPING hand stampedAND hand stampedPOLICIES hand stampedUNDER hand stampedPHOTO hand stampedto hand stampedcheck hand stampedestimated hand stampedshipping hand stampedtime hand stampedand hand stampedto hand stampedread hand stampedother hand stampedimportant hand stampedinformation hand stampedbefore hand stampedpurchase.

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