Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

wire wrapping, Teal Dragonfly Zipper Pull Pendant



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Approximately teal2.5" tealby teal2" tealtallThis tealbeautiful tealpendant tealcomes tealin teala tealvariety tealof tealcolors tealand tealtag tealoptions! teal**Please tealsee tealseparate teallistings tealfor tealcolors** tealif tealyou tealdon't tealsee teala tealcolor, tealor tealcombination tealyou tealwant, tealmessage tealme! tealAll tealluggage tealzipper tealpulls tealare tealfound tealat tealSan tealFransisco tealairport, tealand tealvery tealrarely tealdo tealI tealcome tealacross tealtwo tealalike. tealEach tealpiece tealwill tealbe tealmade tealto tealorder, tealin tealthe tealbead tealcolor teal(see tealseparate teallistings) tealand tealpictured tealwire tealcolor.It tealcan tealbe tealworn tealas teala tealnecklace, teala tealkeychain tealcharm, tealrearview tealmirror tealornament, tealChristmas tealornament, tealthe tealoptions tealare tealendless!**Some tealpulls tealwill tealbe tealscratched, tealbent, tealbroken, tealor tealunreadable. tealI tealthink tealthis tealis tealpart tealof tealthe tealcharm. tealThey tealwill tealbe tealsanitized tealand tealcleaned**

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