Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

dragonfly, Transparent Purple Dragonfly Zipper Pull Pendant



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Approximately purple2.5" purpleby purple2" purpletallThis purplebeautiful purplependant purplecomes purplein purplea purplevariety purpleof purplecolors purpleand purpletag purpleoptions! purple**Please purplesee purpleseparate purplelistings purplefor purplecolors** purpleif purpleyou purpledon't purplesee purplea purplecolor, purpleor purplecombination purpleyou purplewant, purplemessage purpleme! purpleAll purpleluggage purplezipper purplepulls purpleare purplefound purpleat purpleSan purpleFransisco purpleairport, purpleand purplevery purplerarely purpledo purpleI purplecome purpleacross purpletwo purplealike. purpleEach purplepiece purplewill purplebe purplemade purpleto purpleorder, purplein purplethe purplebead purplecolor purple(see purpleseparate purplelistings) purpleand purplepictured purplewire purplecolor.It purplecan purplebe purpleworn purpleas purplea purplenecklace, purplea purplekeychain purplecharm, purplerearview purplemirror purpleornament, purpleChristmas purpleornament, purplethe purpleoptions purpleare purpleendless!**Some purplepulls purplewill purplebe purplescratched, purplebent, purplebroken, purpleor purpleunreadable. purpleI purplethink purplethis purpleis purplepart purpleof purplethe purplecharm. purpleThey purplewill purplebe purplesanitized purpleand purplecleaned**

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