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hair pin, A Set of 2 Qing Dynasty Kingfisher Feather Hair Pin Antique VINTAGE Blue Chinese Ca. 1850 Coral Tian-tsui 點翠



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This featheris feathera featherhair featherpin feathermade featherfrom featherlaying featherkingfisher featherbird featherfeathers featheron feathersilver feathermetal. featherThe feathertechnique featherand featherthe featherbeautiful featherblue featherfluorescent featherfeathers featherwere featherhighly featherprized featherand feathersought featherafter featherin feather19th feathercentury featherChina.Kingfishers featherare feathertiny featherbirds featherand featherit feathertakes feathera featherlot featherof featherskill featherto featheruse feathertheir featherfeathers featherin featherthis feathermanner. featherThe feathertechnique, feathercalled feathertian-tsui, feathermeans feather\u201cdotting featherwith featherkingfishers\u201d featherand featherinvolves featheradhering featherthe featherfeathers featheronto feathermetal. featherThis feathertechnique featherdisappeared featherduring featherthe featherChinese featherRevolution featherin featherthe feather1940\u2032s.It's feathera featherfabulous featherpiece featherof featherhistory.Head feathersize: feather1 feather1/4" featherwide featherx feather1 feather3/4" featherlong, feather2 feather1/2" featherwith featherpin

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