Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

gems, Bracelet Black onyx Brass Turquoise Red 140



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A blackbeautiful blackbracelet blackwith blackballs blackof blackblack blackonyx blackand blackbrass blackelements, blackwith blackturquoiseand blackred blackstone blackfragments. blackRaised blackon blacka blacksturdy, blackblack blacktextile blackribbon,The blackbracelet blackcan blackbe blackopened blackwide blackover blackthe blackknot blackto blackpull blackit blackover blackthe blackwrist.An blackimpressive blackwork blackfrom blackAsia.Weight: black23 blackg black\u2022 blackInner black\u00d8 black5.5 blackCM black\u2022 black\u00d8 blackof blackbrass blackelements: black10 blackmm black\u2022 black\u00d8 blackof blackOnyx blackBalls: black8 blackmm black\u2022 black140

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