Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

lime green, Delicate aventurine chain gold plated



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Short lime greennecklace lime greenwith lime greengreen lime greenaventurine lime greengemstones.Dimensions:approx. lime green49 lime greencm lime greenlong lime green(middle lime greend\u00e9collet\u00e9 lime greenlength, lime greenfor lime greenall lime greenthose lime greenwho lime greenlike lime greento lime greenmix lime greenin lime greenthe lime greencurrent lime greenlayering lime greenstyle!) lime greenPlease lime greennote lime greenthat lime greennatural lime greenmaterials lime greenmay lime greenhave lime greensmall lime greennatural lime greenirregularities lime greenthat lime greendo lime greennot lime greenrepresent lime greenerrors, lime greenbut lime greencontribute lime greento lime greenthe lime greentypical lime greenvibrancy lime greenand lime greendiversity lime greenof lime greenthe lime greenproduct lime greentype.YOUR lime greenSTYLISH lime greenCHOICE lime greenFOR lime greenEVERY lime greenOCCASION******************************************

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