Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Amethystkugelketteamethyst, SW beadsamethyst, silver Rose Vergol.



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* costume jewellery* costume jewelleryBall costume jewellerychain costume jewelleryamethyst-freshwater costume jewellerypearls costume jewellerygrey/blue costume jewellery* costume jewellery*Handgeknp\u00fcfte costume jewellerychain, costume jewelleryeach costume jewelleryAmethystKugel costume jewelleryand costume jewellerybead costume jewelleryis costume jewellerythreaded costume jewelleryand costume jewelleryknotted costume jewelleryindividually costume jewelleryon costume jewellerybead costume jewellerycordLength: costume jewellery45 costume jewellerycmBalls costume jewellery3.5 costume jewellerymm costume jewelleryPurpleBeads costume jewelleryCA costume jewellery5 costume jewelleryx costume jewellery3.5 costume jewellerymm costume jewellerydark costume jewellerygrey costume jewelleryteal costume jewelleryshimmeringClasp: costume jewelleryCarabiner costume jewellerySilber925 costume jewelleryrose costume jewellerygold costume jewelleryPlated

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