Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage, Costume Jewelry mid-century rhinestone Necklace vintage bride prom wedding style So Pretty!



In stock



Lovely jewelryvintage jewelryRhinestone jewelrycostume jewelryjewelry jewelrymid-century jewelrynecklace jewelrywould jewelrybe jewelryperfect jewelryfor jewelryprom, jewelrya jewelrybride, jewelryspecial jewelryoccasion, jewelryor jewelryjust jewelryevery jewelryday jewelryglam! jewelryIt's jewelryin jewelryvery jewelrynice jewelrycondition. jewelryMeasure jewelryslightly jewelryover jewelry15 jewelryinches. jewelrySilver jewelrycolored jewelrymetal jewelryis jewelryin jewelryclean jewelryshiny jewelrycondition, jewelryand jewelryrhinestones jewelryare jewelryalso jewelryclear jewelryand jewelrysparkly. jewelryVery jewelryPretty!!

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