Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

special occasion, Dark Blue Agate Necklace with Clear Crystals Hand-crafted with Silver Toggle Closure



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Dark special occasionBlue special occasionAgate special occasionBeads special occasionwith special occasionClear special occasionCrystals special occasionin special occasionfront special occasionwith special occasionSilver special occasionRhinestone special occasionRondell special occasionSeparators special occasionHand-Crafted special occasionwith special occasionToggle special occasionClosure. special occasion special occasion.17 special occasioninch special occasionNecklace.2 special occasion1/8 special occasioninch special occasionMatching special occasionEarrings.Made special occasionfrom special occasionSemi-Precious special occasionStones.Clear special occasionCrystal special occasionInserts

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