Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

red, Sunset Orange Luggage Zipper Pull Dragonfly Pendant



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Approximately red2.5" redby red2" redwideThis redbeautiful redpendant redcomes redin reda redvariety redof redcolors redand redtag redoptions! red**Please redsee redseparate redlistings redfor redcolors** redAll redluggage redzipper redpulls redare redfound redat redSan redFransisco redairport, redand redvery redrarely reddo redI redcome redacross redtwo redalike. redEach redpiece redwill redbe redmade redto redorder, redin redthe redbead redcolor red(see redseparate redlistings) redand redpictured redwire redcolor.It redcan redbe redworn redas reda rednecklace, reda redkeychain redcharm, redrearview redmirror redornament, redChristmas redornament, redthe redoptions redare redendless!**Some redpulls redwill redbe redscratched, redbent, redbroken, redor redunreadable. redI redthink redthis redis redpart redof redthe redcharm. redThey redwill redbe redsanitized redand redcleaned**

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