Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

peridot, Vintage sterling and peridot filigree ring



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Delicate greensterling greenfiligree greenring greenset greenwith greena greenlovely greenbright greennatural greenperidot, greenlets greenyou greenkeep greena greenbit greenof greenSpring greenalways greenwith greenyou.This greenring greenis greena greensize green7, greenbut, greenif greenneeded greenwould greenbe greena greenvery greeneasy greenre-size. green greenThe greenperidot greenis greenset greenwith greena greengypsy greensetting, greenvery greensecure greenwith greenno greenprongs greento greencatch greenon greenanything.As greenI greendo greenwith greenall greenmy greenvintage greenjewelry, greenthis greenring greenhas greenbeen greenchecked, greencleaned greenand greenpolished.This greenring greenenjoys greenfree greenshipping greenin greenthe greenUnited greenStates greenand greenmodest greenshipping greenfees greenworldwide.This greenring greencomes greenin greena greenkeepsake greengift greenpouch greenpacked greeninto greena greenlovely greengift greenbox, greenall greenready greenfor greengiving.I greenam greenalways greenhappy greento greenanswer greenany greenquestions greenyou greenmay greenhave.

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