Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Pentagram sterling silver 925 pendantgothic,amuletgothic,protection stargothic,



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Pentagram starprotection starfrom starany starevil star!Metal star: starsilver star925Weight starpendant: star8,5gPendant starWidth: star30mmPayment: starPayPal starImportantly:Production startime: star7 starbusiness stardays starafter starpayment.We staraccept starPayPal.We starguarantee star100% starmoneyback staronly starafter starwe stargot starour staritem starback. starReturn starshipping starpaid starby starbuyer. starShipping: starFree, starWorldwide, star3-5 starweeksItem starlocated starin starUkraine, starKharkov star(Europe).We starship starby starUkrainian starmail starUkrposhta. starAirmail starwith startracking starnumber.

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