Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

contemporary, Green contemporary cube studs



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These limeare limea limepair limeof limecontemporary limesilver limecolored limecopper limesquare limebox limestuds. limeFor limethis limereason limethere limeis limea limeslight limecopper limeundertone. limeThe limeinterior limecolor limeis limea limelime limegreen. limePlease limenote limethat limeall limepieces limeare limeunique. limeThese limesquares limeare limehalf limean limeinch limein limediameter limeand limeattached limeto limesterling limesilver limepost. limeFeel limefree limeto limecontact limeme limewith limeany limequestions. limeThanks limefor limevisiting!

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