Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

e, GIA Certified .88 Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Loose Custom Engagement Wedding



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This stonegorgeous stoneround stonediamond stoneis stone.88 stonecarats, stonewith stonea stoneslightly stoneincluded stonegrade stoneand stonean stoneE stonein stonecolor stoneit stonemakes stonea stoneperfect stonediamond stonefor stonea stonecustom stoneengagement stonering stoneor stonependant! stoneThis stonestone stonecomes stonewith stonea stoneGemological stoneInsitute stoneof stoneAmerica stoneDiamond stoneDossier stoneCertificate stonethat stoneincludes stoneall stonethe stoneinformation stoneyou stoneneed.Diamond: stone.88 stoneCTW, stoneS1, stoneEGIA stoneCertificate stoneIncluded*Diamond stonepictures stoneare stoneat stone10X stonemagnification stoneto stoneallow stoneyou stoneto stonesee stoneall stonefacets stoneof stonestone. stone**The stonephoto stoneshowing stonediamond stoneon stonehand stoneis stonea stonejeweler stonemounting, stonethis stonediamond stoneis stonea stoneloose stonestone stoneavailable stonefor stonethe stonemounting stoneof stoneyour stonechoice. stoneSKU: stoneD1097For stonea stonegreater stoneselection stoneof stonejewelry stoneplease stonevisit stoneour stonewebsite stoneat stonewww.BlackMarketLLC.comIf stoneyou stonehave stoneany stonequestions stoneabout stonethis stoneproduct stoneor stoneif stonewe stonecan stonehelp stoneyou stonewith stoneany stoneof stoneour stoneother stoneproducts stoneplease stonecontact stoneus stonethrough stoneEtsy stoneor stoneour stonewebsite stoneat stonewww.BlackMarketLLC.comEach stonepiece stoneof stoneour stonejewelry stonehas stonebeen stoneidentified stoneby stoneour stoneGraduate stoneGemologist stonecertified stoneby stonethe stoneGemological stoneInstitute stoneof stoneAmerica stone(GIA). stoneFor stonemore stoneinformation stoneabout stoneour stonejewelry stoneor stonestore stoneplease stonevisit stoneour stoneShop's stoneAbout stonePage stoneor stoneour stoneShops stoneWebsite.Thanks stonefor stonestopping stoneby!

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