Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

german, German Necklace Vintage Blue Filigree pendant So Pretty!



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Pretty germanvintage germanGermany germanfiligree germanpendant germannecklace germanwith germanBlue germanStone germanlike germancabochon, germanblue germanrhinestones, germanand germansimulated germanpearls. germanVery germanpretty germanlight germanweight germanfiligree germandesign. germanMeasures germanabout german22.5 germaninches germanlong, germanand germanthe germanpendant germanmeasures germanabout german2 german1/4 germaninches germanlong germanand german1 german7/8 germaninches germanwide. germanThe germanchain germanis germanvery germanlightweight germanand germanappears germanthat germanthe germansilver germancoloring germanis germanworn germanoff germanon germanpart germanof germanthe germanchain germanto germanreveal germana germanbrass germanlike germancolor. germanAlso germanthe germanclasp germanis germanslightly germanbent germanand germandoesn't germancompletely germanclose germanproperly. germanI germanwould germanrecommend germanadding germana germannew germanchain germanand germanclasp, germanbut germansome germanwould germanprefer germanthe germanoriginal germanvintage germanpatina, germanbut germanplease germanbe germanaware germanthat germanI germanwould germanrecommend germana germannew germanclasp germanat germanleast. germanVery germanpretty germanpendant germannecklace, germanwearable germanwith germanminor germanrepair.

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