Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

alien, Zombie or Alien head with over-sized eye clay bead



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Approximately eyeball2.5" eyeballtall eyeballby eyeball1.5"Made eyeballwith eyeballSilver eyeballcolored eyeballwire, eyeballglass eyeballbeads, eyeballand eyeballa eyeballclay eyeballeye! eyeballPerfect eyeballfor eyeballHalloween, eyeballor eyeballany eyeballother eyeballevent!It eyeballcan eyeballbe eyeballworn eyeballas eyeballa eyeballnecklace, eyeballa eyeballkeychain eyeballcharm, eyeballrearview eyeballmirror eyeballornament, eyeballChristmas eyeballornament, eyeballthe eyeballoptions eyeballare eyeballendless! eyeball(For eyeballornament eyeballoption, eyeballplease eyeballselect eyeball"chain" eyeballunder eyeball"Ornament eyeballOption" eyeballfor eyeballa eyeballfree eyeballchain eyeballto eyeballhang eyeballyour eyeballitem eyeballfrom!)

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