Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

bead, Palm tree Luggage Zipper Pull Pendant



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Approximately pam tree4" pam treeby pam tree3.5" pam treetall.Palm pam treetree pam treemade pam treewith pam treeSilver pam treePlated pam treewire pam treeand pam treegreen pam treeglass pam treebeads. pam treeThe pam treezipper pam treepull pam treecame pam tree(like pam treemy pam treeothers) pam treefrom pam treeSan pam treeFransisco pam treeAirport! pam treeYou pam treewon't pam treebelieve pam treehow pam treemany pam treepulls pam treeI pam treefind pam treethat pam treehave pam treebroken pam treeoff pam treeluggage! pam treeI pam treethink pam treeit pam treegives pam treethese pam treepieces pam treeof pam treejewelry pam treea pam treesense pam treeof pam treewonder! pam treeWho pam treeknows pam treewhere pam treein pam treethe pam treeworld pam treethat pam treepiece pam treehas pam treeseen!These pam treepieces pam treecan pam treebe pam treeworn pam treeas pam treenecklaces, pam treeor pam treeused pam treeas pam treerearview pam treemirror pam treeornaments, pam treeChristmas pam treetree pam treeornaments, pam treekeychains, pam treebag pam treeclips, pam treethe pam treelist pam treeis pam treeonly pam treelimited pam treeby pam treethe pam treeimagination! pam tree(For pam treeornament pam treeoption, pam treeplease pam treeselect pam tree"chain" pam treeunder pam tree"Ornament pam treeOption" pam treefor pam treea pam treefree pam treechain pam treeto pam treehang pam treeyour pam treeitem pam treefrom!)**Some pam treepulls pam treewill pam treebe pam treescratched, pam treebent, pam treebroken, pam treeor pam treeunreadable. pam treeI pam treethink pam treethis pam treeis pam treepart pam treeof pam treethe pam treecharm. pam treeThey pam treewill pam treebe pam treesanitized pam treeand pam treecleaned**

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