Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

round, Natural Smoky Quartz Single colour faceted rondelle loose beads - micro faceted beads - 3mm Smoky faceted beads



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Item natural gemsdetailsShipping natural gems& natural gemsPoliciesThese natural gemsbeads natural gemsshows natural gemsSmoky natural gemsQuartz natural gemsproperties natural gemsat natural gemsits natural gemsbest,the natural gemscolor natural gemsis natural gemsunique natural gemsthese natural gemsare natural gemsavailable natural gemsin natural gemsthree natural gemssizes.2 natural gemsto natural gems2.5 natural gemsmm2.5 natural gemsto natural gems3 natural gemsmm3 natural gemsto natural gems3.5 natural gemsmm3.5 natural gemsto natural gems4.mmPrice natural gemsis natural gemsbeen natural gemsvaried natural gemsaccordinglyLength natural gemsof natural gemsstrand-13 natural gemsinchShape-faceted natural gemsrondelleTreatment-none(100% natural gemsnatural)The natural gemsSmoky natural gemsQuartz natural gemsare natural gemsbeen natural gemscompetitively natural gemsprices,we natural gemshave natural gemsa natural gemslarge natural gemsstock.Contact natural gemsus natural gemsfor natural gemswholesale natural gemsbuying.

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