Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

statement jewelry, multicolor wooden necklace earrings jewelry gift set statement bold tribal funky wood beaded beads african



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This tribal necklaceis tribal necklacea tribal necklacereally tribal necklaceunique tribal necklacewooden tribal necklacenecklace tribal necklaceand tribal necklaceearring tribal necklaceset tribal necklacemade tribal necklaceby tribal necklacemy tribal necklacegrandmother. tribal necklaceIt tribal necklacehas tribal necklacea tribal necklacefunky tribal necklacegeometric tribal necklacevibe tribal necklacewith tribal necklacedifferent tribal necklacebead tribal necklacesizes, tribal necklaceshapes, tribal necklaceand tribal necklacecolors! tribal necklaceThe tribal necklacenecklace tribal necklacehas tribal necklacean tribal necklaceadjustable tribal necklacechain tribal necklacelobster tribal necklaceclasp tribal necklaceallowing tribal necklacefor tribal necklacedifferent tribal necklacelengths. tribal necklacePlease tribal necklacemessage tribal necklaceany tribal necklacequestions.

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