Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Wire Wrapped Pendant: Ambermodern, Green Demantoid Garnet (x3)modern, Sterling Silver. "C'est La Vie"



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"C'est wire wrapla wire wrapVie" wire wrapAmber: wire wrapAn wire wrapamazing wire wraplight wire wrapweight wire wraptranslucent wire wrapfossilized wire wrapresin wire wrapproduced wire wrapby wire wrapextinct wire wrapconiferous wire wraptrees wire wrapof wire wrapthe wire wrapTertiary wire wrapperiod. wire wrap3x wire wrapGarnets: wire wrapThe wire wrapfaces wire wrapof wire wrapthese wire wrapstones wire wrapgrow wire wrapnaturally wire wrapinto wire wrapdiamond wire wrapshaped wire wrapfaces. wire wrapWrapped wire wrapin wire wrap.925 wire wrapSterling wire wrapSilverPendant wire wrapmeasures wire wrap2.2inches wire wrapx wire wrap1.2inches

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