Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

wedding band, 14k Rose Gold Ashley Band



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Here genuineit genuineis.... genuinethe genuineAshley genuine14kt genuineRose genuineGold genuineWedding genuineBand.4.10 genuinegrams genuinetotal genuineweight genuineof genuinegold.Can genuinebe genuinemade genuinein genuineyellow genuinegold genuine genuineor genuinewhite genuinegold genuineas genuinewell.I genuinehave genuinethe genuine"Ashley" genuineEngagement genuineRing genuinein genuinemy genuine"made genuineto genuineorder genuinesection", genuinein genuinemy genuineshop. genuineIt genuinecan genuinebe genuinemade genuineusing genuineRose genuineGold.Contains genuine15, genuine1.5mm genuinegenuine genuinenatural genuinewhite genuinesapphires. genuineAwesome genuinetooling genuineSize genuine4 genuineand genuine11 genuineavailable.Made genuineto genuinefit genuineyour genuinesize.Layaway genuineavailable.

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