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opal ring, Opal - Lightning Ridge Solid Opal 6.8 Ct Black/SemiBlack



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Mined australian opalin australian opalLightning australian opalRidge australian opal australian opalNSW australian opalAustralia australian opalin australian opal1993 australian opalpurchased australian opalon-site australian opalby australian opala australian opalprivate australian opalcollector australian opaland australian opalstored australian opalsafely australian opalin australian opala australian opalprivate australian opalcollection australian opalin australian opalthe australian opalUnited australian opalStates australian opalfor australian opalover australian opal20 australian opalyears. australian opal australian opalNow australian opalavailable australian opalfor australian opalsale australian opalfor australian opalthe australian opalfirst australian opaltime australian opalsince australian opalthe australian opal1990's. australian opalSize australian opal16mm australian opalx australian opal12mm australian opalx australian opal3.5mm australian opaland australian opal6.8 australian opalct australian opalweightNatural, australian opaluntreated, australian opalsolid australian opalopal australian opalin australian opalstable australian opalexcellent australian opalcondition.Gorgeous australian opalflashing australian opalHarlequin australian opalpattern australian opalof australian opalgreens, australian opalblues, australian opalyellows, australian opaloranges, australian opaland australian opalred.Opal australian opalType australian opal australian opal- australian opalLighting australian opalRidge australian opalBlackTotal australian opalCarat australian opalWeight australian opal(cwt) australian opal6.8 australian opalOverall australian opalDimensions australian opal(mm) australian opal- australian opal16mm australian opalx australian opal12mm australian opalx australian opal3.5mmShape australian opal- australian opalOvalTransparency australian opal- australian opal australian opalOpaquePattern australian opal- australian opalHarlequinTreatment australian opalNone, australian opal100% australian opalNatural australian opalEarth australian opalMinedOrigin australian opal- australian opalLightning australian opalRidge, australian opalNSW australian opalAustralia

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