Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Victorian Amethyst 14k solid gold wreath pendant / broochvictorian pendant, w. pearls. So pretty Multiusevictorian pendant, Vintage Estate. February or June baby birthstone



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Sweetest saleVictorian salecombination saleBrooch/pendant14k saleYellow salegold, salesprinkled salewith salesmall saleseed salepearls salein salea saleflowery salegarland, saleaccented saleon salethe salebase saleby salea salelovely salepinkish-lavender saleamethyst. saleThe salebeauty saleof salethis salepiece, saleother salethan salethe saleobvious saleaesthetic salequalities saleis salein saleits saledual-purpose.While salebrooches saleare salenot saleworn saleas salemuch saleas salethey saleonce salewere sale(though saleI salelike saleto salethink saleI've salenoticed salea salerevival) salependants saleand salenecklaces saleare saleas salepopular saleas saleever: saleA saleclever salehinge saleand salepivoting salebail saleis saleaffixed saleto salethe saletop saleof salethe salecircle, salefor saleit saleto salehang saleon salea salechain. saleIt saletucks saleaway saleneatly salewhen saleworn saleas salea salebrooch.Diameter: saleapprox. sale1 sale/4"Weight: saleapprox. sale4.5gMarked: sale14k

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