Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Cuff linksmod jewelry, Mid Century Enamel and Copper



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Beautiful vintageenamel vintageand vintagecopper vintagecufflinks vintagefrom vintagethe vintage1950s, vintagecolors vintageare vintageblack vintageplaid vintageon vintagea vintagegreen vintagebackground. vintageUnique vintagepattern. vintage vintageNever vintageworn vintagesales vintagesamples vintageon vintageoriginal vintagecardboard vintagebacking. vintage vintageUnique vintagepattern. vintage vintageA vintagelittle vintagewear vintageon vintagethe vintagecopper vintagefrom vintageage vintageand vintagestorage, vintagenot vintagenoticeable vintagefrom vintagethe vintagefront. vintage vintage vintage6/8" vintage vintagesquare. vintage vintage vintage vintage vintage vintage vintage(jcc)

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