Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

cute, Bitty Kitty Necklace



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Let drawingthe drawingtiniest drawingkitty drawingcome drawingalong drawingwith drawingyou drawingon drawingyour drawingdaily drawingadventures. drawingThis drawing drawingpendant drawingis drawingmade drawingfrom drawingpolystyrene drawingplastic drawingand drawingmeasures drawingapproximately drawing.5" drawingwide drawingby drawing.25" drawingtall. drawingThe drawingchain drawingit drawinghangs drawingfrom drawingis drawingabout drawing18." drawingIt drawingwill drawingbe drawingshipped drawingto drawingyou drawingin drawinga drawinglittle drawingbox drawinginside drawinga drawingbubble drawingmailer drawingto drawingavoid drawingdamage drawingto drawingthe drawingitem.

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