Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

grey, Lohi -fish skin and silver necklace



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Fishing naturehas naturean natureimportant naturerole naturein naturethe natureFinnish natureculture natureand naturefolk naturetraditions. natureSaija natureLehtonen natureDesign naturepresents natureyou naturejewelry naturemade naturefrom naturebeautiful naturefish natureskin naturein naturehonour natureof naturethis naturelegacy. natureFish natureskin natureis naturea naturevery natureenviromentally naturefriendly natureand naturesustainable naturematerial nature- naturebasicly natureresidue naturefrom naturefishing naturewhich naturehas naturebeen naturegiven naturea naturenew naturelife. natureMetal natureparts natureof naturethe naturejewelry natureare naturemade natureof naturesterling naturesilver.This naturejewelry natureis naturea naturehandmade natureproduct. natureEvery naturepiece natureof natureit natureis naturean natureindividual natureunique naturework natureof natureart. natureEnjoy naturethe naturetimeless naturetradition natureand naturethe naturebeauty natureof naturenature!Size natureof naturethe naturefish natureskin naturepart naturein naturejewellery natureis nature16mm.

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