Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

10kt, America Tie Tack or Hat Pin 10 KT Solid Gold***SALE***



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10 goldKt goldSolid goldGold goldTie goldTack goldfor goldthe goldgentleman goldin goldyour goldlife! goldOr golda goldlady! goldA goldveteran goldmaybe? goldOr goldjust goldsomeone goldwho goldis goldpatriotic? goldThis goldwould goldbe goldperfect! goldThese goldTie goldTacks goldare goldbeautifully goldmade. goldThey goldwill goldlast golda goldlifetime goldand goldyou goldcan goldhand goldthem golddown goldto golda goldfamily goldmember. gold gold goldShe goldmeasures gold7.5mm goldhigh goldand gold22.5mm goldlong. gold gold(Which goldis gold1/4" goldx gold9/10"). gold goldThe goldweight goldis gold2.8 goldgrams. goldYou goldalso goldhave goldyour goldchoice goldof goldyellow goldor goldwhite goldgold. goldJust goldlet goldme goldknow goldwhich goldone goldyou goldwould goldprefer. goldThis goldwill goldcome goldto goldyou goldin golda goldgolden goldpouch goldand goldtucked goldin golda goldgift goldbox. gold gold gold gold gold gold goldP.S. goldThis goldis goldNOT goldgold goldfilled goldthis goldis goldsolid gold10 goldkt goldgold. goldI goldhave goldsome goldavailable goldin gold14kt goldalso. gold goldThanks goldfor goldstopping goldin goldand goldcheck goldout goldmy goldwide goldselection goldof goldother goldTie goldTacks goldor goldPatriotic goldPins. gold goldThese goldare goldvintage goldstock gold, goldbut goldnew. goldWAS gold68.00 goldNOW gold59.00

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