Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Dog de Bordeauxsculpture, millesimal fineness 999sculpture, dog clipringsculpture, dog show ring clip/number holdersculpture, limited editionsculpture, ArtDog



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ART animalDOG animalCOLLECTIONThese animalcliprings animalare animalnot animalproduced animalanywhere animalelse animalin animalthe animalworld!Perfect animalgift animalwith animalremarkable animalprecision animalof animalexecution!Masterfully animalcrafted animalby animalBest animalPolish animalArtist!Limited animaledition animalproduced animalspecially animalfor animalyou!Cliprings:- animalPerfect animalgift animalremarkable animalprecision animalof animalexecution- animalmasterfully animalcrafted animalby animalBest animalPolish animalArtist- animalheight animal3,5 animalcm- animalwidth animal3,9 animalcm- animalthe animallength animalof animalthe animalclip animal6,5 animalcmMaterial:- animalZn animalAl animalbase- animalcovered animalwith animala animalthick animallayer animalof animalgold

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