Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

add a charm, Tiny carnelian coin accented with gold daisy spacer and itty bitty turquoise round bead on 14k gold-filled ring - Add a Charm



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GUARANTEED goldHANDMADE: goldAll goldmy goldjewelry goldis golddesigned goldand goldcreated goldby goldmy goldhands.Tiny goldcarnelian goldcoin goldbead goldsits goldatop golda gold22k goldgold goldvermeil golddaisy goldspacer goldand gold2mm goldround goldturquoise goldbead goldand golddangles goldon golda gold14k goldgold-filled gold7mm goldclosed goldjump goldring. goldLooks goldgreat goldpaired goldwith goldpearls gold(as goldpictured goldabove), goldturquoise, goldblack goldonyx, goldgarnet goldand goldpyrite...just goldto goldname golda goldfew.Carnelian goldis golda goldstone goldof goldcreativity, goldindividuality goldand goldcourage. goldLike goldall goldagates, goldit goldhas goldprotection goldenergies. goldIt goldcan goldaid goldmemory goldand goldcan goldassist goldone goldin goldfinding goldthe goldright goldmate. goldIt goldis goldalso golda goldstone goldof goldprotection goldfrom goldanger, goldjealousy goldand goldfear. goldIn goldaddition, goldit goldcan goldhelp goldwith goldmanifestation goldof goldone's golddesires goldand goldbrings goldgood goldluck. goldCarnelian goldcan goldhelp goldease goldor goldremove goldsorrows. goldIt goldalso goldhelps goldstabilize goldenergies goldin goldthe goldhome. goldPhysically, goldcarnelian goldhas goldbeen goldused goldin goldhealing goldopen goldsores, goldrejuvenating goldtissues goldand goldcells, goldalleviating goldthe goldpains goldof goldrheumatism, goldhealing goldkidney goldstones goldand goldother goldkidney goldproblems, goldgall goldstones, goldcolds, goldpollen goldallergies goldand goldneuralgia.Turquoise goldis golda goldpowerful goldcrystal goldfor goldrelieving goldstress. goldIt goldis goldalso goldsaid goldto goldprotect goldagainst goldpollution goldin goldthe goldenvironment, goldand goldto goldbring goldabundance goldand goldto goldhelp goldpromote goldhonest goldand goldclear goldcommunication goldfrom goldthe goldheart. gold goldTurquoise goldis goldalso goldknown goldas golda goldmaster goldhealer goldstone. goldIt goldis goldvery goldpowerful goldfor goldgrounding goldand goldprotection.Please goldconvo goldme goldwith goldany goldquestions.

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