Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

pink, Pale pink Lucite flower charm with freshwater pearl center on 14k gold fill



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GUARANTEED springHANDMADE: springAll springmy springjewelry springis springdesigned springand springcreated springby springmy springhands.This springsweet springlittle springpink springflower springcharm springis springperfect springfor springspring! springIt's springa springwonderful springaddition springto springany springcharm springbracelet, springor springwhen springattached springto springa springjump springring, springwould springbe springgreat springon springa springnecklace springwith springa springbird springcharm springand springa springnest springfull springof springeggs!Pearls springattune springthe springwearer springto springebb springand springflow springof springlife. springThey springare springcalming springand springcentering. springThey springgive springpurity springand springpromote springfaith, springcharity, springand springintegrity, springtruth springand springloyalty. springThey springespecially springenhance springpersonal springintegrity. springThey springhelp springone springconnect springwith springher springfeminine springenergy springand springbring springlove springenergy.Please springconvo springme springwith springany springquestions!

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