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charm, Bronze pearl charm with antique brass bead cap and ring - Add a Charm



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GUARANTEED dangleHANDMADE: dangleAll danglemy danglejewelry dangleis dangledesigned dangleand danglecreated dangleby danglemy danglehands.Lovely danglebronze danglepearl dangleis dangleaccented danglewith dangleleafy dangleantique danglebrass danglebead danglecap dangleand dangledangles danglebeneath danglea dangleclosed danglebrass danglering. dangleThis dangleneutral danglecharm dangleis dangleperfect danglefor dangleany danglecollection dangle- danglefrom dangleearthy dangletones dangleto danglepastels dangleto danglebrights!Please dangleconvo dangleme danglewith dangleany danglequestions!

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