Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

pearl, ON HOLD - 1950's Vintage Gold Filigree Turquoise and Pearl Starburst Brooch Necklace



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This pearluniquely pearlfeminine pearlone-of-a-kind pearlVintage pearlAssemblage pearlNecklace pearlfeatures pearla pearlbeautiful pearl1950's pearlFiligree pearlStarburst pearl pearlDomed pearlBrooch pearlfrom pearlBristol, pearlEngland. pearl pearlIt pearlhas pearlbeen pearlconverted pearlinto pearla pearl pearlnecklace pearl(the pearlback pearlpin pearlhas pearlbeen pearlremoved). pearl pearlAlong pearlwith pearlpearls pearland pearlturquoise pearlbeads, pearlit pearlhangs pearlfrom pearltwo pearlchains: pearla pearlbox pearlchain pearland pearla pearldelicate pearllink pearlchain pearlwith pearlwire-wrapped pearlturquoise pearlbeads pearlin pearlthe pearlfront pearland pearlwire-wrapped pearlpearls pearlin pearlthe pearlback pearlof pearlthe pearlnecklace.This pearl'50's pearl pearlbrooch pearlis pearlin pearlexcellent pearlcondition. pearlThe pearlgold pearlfiligree pearlhas pearla pearlvery pearlslight pearlloss pearlof pearlcolor pearlin pearla pearlfew pearlareas. pearl pearlPlease pearlcheck pearlout pearlthe pearlpictures pearlcarefully pearland pearlconvo pearlme pearlif pearlyou pearlhave pearlany pearlquestions. pearl pearlThe pearlbrooch pearlis pearl2" pearldiameter pearland pearltotal pearllength pearlof pearlchain pearlis pearl18". pearl pearlI pearlam pearlhappy pearlto pearladjust pearlthe pearllength pearlif pearlrequested. pearl pearlThis pearlis pearla pearlone-of-a-kind pearlhandcrafted pearloriginal. pearlAs pearla pearlmixed pearlmedia pearlartist, pearlmy pearlwork pearlis pearlassemblage pearlfrom pearlre-purposed pearlmaterials. pearlYou pearlwill pearlfind pearlan pearleclectic pearlcollection pearlof pearloriginal pearldesigns pearlin pearlmy pearlshop, pearlusing pearla pearlrich pearlvariety pearlof pearlwonderful pearlfound pearlobjects pearlgathered pearlfrom pearlaround pearlthe pearlworld.Remember pearlto pearlsave pearlmy pearlshop pearlas pearlone pearlof pearlyour pearlfavorites pearlfor pearlthe pearlnext pearltime pearlyou pearlwant pearlto pearlbuy pearla pearlspecial pearlone pearlof pearla pearlkind pearlgift pearlof pearlunique pearlvintage pearljewelry pearlfor pearlyourself pearlor pearlsomeone pearlelse! pearlThis pearlitem pearlships pearlUSPS pearlwithin pearlseven pearldays pearlof pearlpayment. pearlInsurance pearland pearltracking pearlare pearloptional, pearlplease pearlinquire. pearlIf pearlshipping pearlis pearlless pearldue pearlto pearlyour pearllocation, pearlthen pearlI pearlwill pearlrefund pearlthe pearldifference pearlto pearlyou. pearlInternational pearlbuyers pearlare pearlwelcome pearl- pearlcontact pearlme pearlfor pearlshipping pearlrates. pearl- pearlFollow pearlto pearlsee pearlnew pearldesigns pearllisted- pearlVisit pearlPinterest pearlat pearlFollow pearlme pearlon pearlInstagram pearlat pearlArtfulthingsjewelryYou pearlcan pearlaccess pearlmy pearlEtsy pearlstore pearldirectly pearlat pearlwww.artfulthingsboutique.Please pearlfeel pearlfree pearlto pearlcontact pearlme pearlwith pearlany pearlquestions pearlyou pearlmay pearlhave pearlabout pearlthis pearlitem.Thank pearlyou pearlfor pearlvisiting!Robin

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