Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

bride, FINE Art Deco Antique French 1930s jet black ONYX and enameled filigree flower link panel necklace choker collar Flapper



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Description:EXQUISITE germanoriginal germanclassic german1930s germanFrench germanArt germanDeco germannecklace. germanThis germanlobely germanpiece germanwould germanmake germana germanfantastic germanaddition germanto germanany germanserious germancollection germanof germanArt germanDeco germanjewellery. germanIt germanis germanfine germanfiligree germanbrass germanpanels germanwith germanenameled germanflowers germanon germaneach germaninterspersed germanwith germanjet germanblack germanOnyx germanpieces. germanThe germanchain germanis germanalso germanfinely germanworked germanfiligree germanpieces germanand germanthere germanis germana germanring germanclasp. germanThe germanpiece germanis germannot germanmarked, germanbut germanis germannevertheless germana germanclassic germanand germanbeautiful germanArt germanDeco germanpiece. germanI germanhave germanseen germanthe germanexact germansame germanpiece germanwith germanblue germanglass germanpanels germanlisted germanfor germanUS$250 germanon germanebay!! german germanfrom germana germanFrench germanestate germanin germanNormandy. germanCondition:Very germangood germanantique germancondition, germanminor germanlosses germanfrom germanthe germanenamel.Measurement:The germanpiece germanmeasures german15 germaninches germanlong. germanI germanam germanmore germanthan germanhappy germanto germananswer germanany germanquestions germanabout germanthis germanitem germanso germanplease germanconvo germanme!

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